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Today was payday

you may know that I had credit put spread from last week on $NVDA if you read my previous posts. I entered in the money credit put spread two weeks ago collecting maximum amount of premium . by this way , I will lose less money if the stock  do not reach my target.

NVDA  was oversold and she was consolidating around 99-102. I scaled in 108/109 credit put spread( not debit)  two weeks ago plus adding more 140/103 put spread yesterday  and I was rewarded today.

$CMG  is another good example. she is consolidating between 350 -410 for months and she is in good shape after company board change.

I bought some credit put spread on $CMG. today, it went from in the money to out of money and I made money. I am not going to wait for earning report and all my positions will expire this week.

I am eyeing on baba since she has earning report today. I will probably get  in credit put spread soon.