I am biased long on $NVDA now until 106

the price action and volume are the most determinant of stock direction. I have studied the market using fundamental, news, technical , short-term .pundit opinions but when short-term.I think you need to forget it. Just focus in these two.

Let’s dissect $NVDA and VRX.

After some asset sale announcement two days ago. the stock $VRX sold heavily. volume jumped in the last two days but today in down market, she stopped going lower. she found support on 15. I think it is strong on this prices.I sold my credit call spread today with no loss or no gain.

Regarding the $NVDA,

she has touched 101 price target 4 times in last 10 days. I think it goes higher. she bounced back and she does not interested in going down so we will treat her as she like.


covered 10 credit call spread left only 5 on 105/106 w2 . made good $$$$$$

when the stock was around 102.12. I scaled  20 contracts 102/101 w2 put spread and I still have all put spreads from yesterday. Let’s see what will happen






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