I am stubbornly and stupidly long $NVDA

I am still long $NVDA. Today, I  exchanged all put spreads expiring today with next week expirations. so in order to do this trade, I  took some loss with some stupid pride. I am still long and today action was not bad considering the lowest volume since that Mr. Left tweet.

I know today belong to market maker and he would do whatever he wants with his baby.so I think this $nvda will come back again like $AMZN did this week.

I also sold 20 next week 101/100 w3 put spread $nvda. I hope she holds 101.

$AMZN  had a great run this week. While I was watching it while I was eating my lunch. I saw some volume which shows the seller getting in charge.  go watch 1- minute and 5-minute timeframe from 11:30 until the close.

bought  20 w2 820/822.5 credit call spread risking 5000 dollars for collecting 1260 premium. I sold them before closing bell to avoid possible assignment and I was forced to give back 440 dollars to the market maker in order to close the trade.

my positions:

10 w3 105/106  credit call spread $NVDA (this is hedge trade to protect me in case it goes down)

20  w3 101/100 credit put  spread $NVDA

10 w3 104/105  credit call spread $NVDA  (painful and in loss trade)

10 w4 108/109 credit put  spread $NVDA ( painful and in loss trade)

I do not know when I am going to swallow my pride and take the loss . It is good to move on. But as I said in the title of post . I am stubborn.










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