market recap

I sold all $NVDA  credit put spreads today right in open. I am glad I did.

Being long SNVDA has backlashes since she pulls back sometimes.  it was lower high and she will go back again soon.

I took a short position in CMG and AMZN but  CMG did not work the way I want. all of my AMZN credit call spreads worthless.

I flipped the 405/407.5 credit put spreads this week with 405/402.5 credit call for next week. I am long CMG and it selling for a couple of days in low value and I think she will break out.


I still have 10 credit put spread  108/109 which are in the money and loss. last week, I had put spreads which went out of money and I am glad that I sold them in open today.


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